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Setting Your Intentions Women’s Retreat

January 12, 2020

  • 9 am to 3 pm

  • At The Restoration Space

  • Includes a delicious organic lunch

  • $65   (space is limited)  

  • Proceeds will go to charity

Clarify, Recharge, Set Your Inner Compass for a Magical Year Ahead

It is easy to get lost in the day to day activities and allow life to happen to us without realizing that we have the ability to create and direct that reality.  Setting intentions harnesses the power of our mind and spirit, increasing awareness, receptivity and actions that can help propel intentions into reality. It is not about creating a wish list but consciously discovering, defining and staying  

Together, in a supportive and dynamic community, we will take time out to gain clarity on what we want to set into motion for the New Year. Through movement, qigong, creative and engaging activities, we will reconnect to our inner compass and illuminate our path ahead. Setting your intentions is a powerful way to create the roadmap of what’s important to you, how you are experiencing life and create those opportunities supporting that path. Leave inspired, centered, with tangible tools to keep you on course for a fulfilling year ahead. 


Your Guides and Hosts and Creators of the B.A.A.L.L.Process and Full Breath Adventures

Susan Bianchi, MS
A seeker of human potential, Susan is owner of Intrinsic Health Systems for nearly 20 yrs.  She is a published writer and a sought after presenter in the field of flexibility and optimal health.  Her skills and breadth of experience enable her to adeptly work with the most elite athlete, to those with chronic and sometimes debilitating conditions. Always a holistic approach as a coach she works to blend science and energy together.

Becky Eshelman

Becky is a gifted intuitive and insightful coach who brings a blended approach to her guided work. Her gifts include intuitive counseling, spiritual guidance, mediumship, mystical listening and medical intuition sprinkled with a dash of humor. Living a connected spiritual path, she desires to share those skills with others so they can better tap into their own intuitive and divine wisdom. Becky intuitively guides you on a journey into the most authentic part of yourself.  Her light-hearted and optimistic approach is an elixir to the soul.


February 05, 2019


Join us in (re-) discovering and confirming your
intention for 2020 and creating your own
personalized bracelet.

Exchange: $30


March 08, 2020



An exploration of sound and different
forms of sound and how it fuels us,
stresses us, alters our mood and heals us.


April 14, 2020 6:30pm

Our movie will be

Losing Sight of the Shore

Join us for hot cocoa, popcorn, community and a great film.
Losing Siight of the Shore is about the journey of four

brave women known as the Coxless Crew that set out
to row the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia



May 19, 2020

5 Part Series: Explore Outside and IN

Starting May 19, 2020

Meaningful Thought Provoking Mini-Adventures to explore, recharge and reconnect.

  • It is easy to get lost in the day to day, and ask “how did I get here?” And “where do I want to go?”

  • Using nature as the backdrop for inspiration and reflection, we awaken the explorer and adventure within and recalibrate our own inner compass.  

  • Together, as we adventure outside, we explore ways to have a more centered, joyful journey. Each week using the B.A.A.L.L. framework, Breathe, Ask, Allow Listen and Love, we will delve into one of these powerful elements as it relates to our daily life, helping find clarity and insight to guide us on our path. Through a variety of movements, hiking, mindful walking, meditation, Qigong, along with thoughtful engagement we explore outside and inside.


SESSION I  -  BREATHE: It all Starts Here

SESSION II  -  ASK: Going Inside While Outside  

SESSION III  -  ALLOW: What do you Allow? 

SESSION IV  -  LISTEN: Did you Hear That?

SESSION V  -  LOVE: It Really Does Make a Difference  

WHO should attend:

An Insightful Woman

  • wishing to take meaningful time out for herself to grow and evolve

  • seeking to strengthen and reconnect to her divine inner wisdom

  • who understands the power of gathering together in community with like minded women

  • Who wishes to have fun adventures

  • Is asking “what now?”

  • Who lives or is wishing to live a more curious life


Attend All 5 Weeks or Join in on any one!

Full Breath ADVENTURES in Costa Rica!

Team Building Workshops and Private sessions


This is an extended trip to Nosara, Guanacaste Province on the pacific side of Costa Rica. We are blessed to spend time working with a local Resort training management and administrative staff, as well as, their practitioners. Through team building playshops and individuals sessions we concentrate on self care and nourishment through their hectic "busy season".

This time is also dedicated to community playshops, private sessions and personal retreats.

Inquire to find out how you can create YOUR retreat experience in Costa Rica!

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