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Bi-Weekly Intention Group Call

via Zoom

Each month we join together in community as we draw our monthly Intention Oracle Card. This card is drawn with the full collective intention of our group, whether you are on the call, in our email group or in our thoughts. Drawing the oracle cards aids us in our focus for growth and  staying on our individual authentic path.
We follow that call up with another Intention call to help us stay in the flow and to 
continue our discussions to support our growth and that of others in our camp.
Not only do we dive into how this pertains to us individually and as a group but also how it pertains to the world around us.

If you would like to join in this event and have not previously been on the emailing list, please send us a "request to join" email.

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January 7 & 21, 2024

2024 BAALL Intention Setting Day 
January 7 - Bethlehem, PA
January 21 - Parkton, MD

Let's start this new year centered in Love and compassion, for ourselves, our loved ones and those we share our lives with.

The days can often take us down a path of distraction, anxiety and overwhelm; simply not having enough time for ourselves. Let's get on track and realign our internal compass.

Join us as we recalibrate and set our intentions gaining the steady footing to allow our light to shine in the new year. 

For more information or to register for January 7 in PA click here

or more information or to register for January 21 in MD click here

Proceeds go to Alzheimer's Association

Amethyst roadway.jpg

Full Breath Adventure

November 11, 2023

9am - 11am


Explore Outside and IN

Join us as we gather in community and support as we venture outdoors and explore our surroundings with intention and purpose.


Adventure with Intention Hike at South Mountain Preserve 

Amethyst Firepit.jpg

WOW I NEED THIS!  women's retreat

May 3-5, 2024

Amethyst Retreat Center
Duncannon, PA

To escape.
Bask in Mother Nature.
Surround yourself with friends....friends that support you and allow you the space to rejuvenate yourself
To take that much deserved EXHALE and Nourishing INHALE.

Learn more 
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