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2024 is broken down to the number 8,

which is also the sign of infinity.

Think about the flow of the infinity symbol...

Karma out - Karma in

Blessings out - Blessings in

Let's set ourselves up for a year or adventure, ambition and balance in our lives which will flow to those around us.

Join us as we recalibrate and reset our inner compass in community, gaining the steady footing to allow our light to shine in the new year. 

All of the pampering items are included:

  • Morning Coffee and Tea

  • Healthy vegan, vegetarian and gluten free friendly lunch options

  • All of the creative materials you will need.

Just show up with your favorite yoga mat, meditation blanket or both!

All Proceeds going to Alzheimer's and Fronto Temporal Dementia

Thanks to Sponsor
Flexible Warrior- Karen Dubs

We invite you to join us 

$111.00 exchange

with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association and FTD


Register here

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January 21, 2024

9am - 3:30pm

To be held at:

18819 Frederick Road

Parkton, MD

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