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intuitive & playful events


PlayShops Check in, fine tune or kick start

With the frantic pace of life full of distractions it's easy not to hear our intuition, our inner voice. That's when we get off our path.

Now is a great time to take some designated time for yourself and learn ways to gain clarity, empower your decision making and discover your gifts. In a supportive environment we will tune in to our body and our intuition to align ourselves on our authentic path-and have some fun along the way. 


Immerse, Reconnect and Discover the gifts within You.

Unlock the answers to being and living your most joyful and guided Life.

It is when we are in the presence of others, removed from distractions and

present with ourselves we can experience all our divine guidance. With the

BAALL process we learn how bring the clarity and insight to our daily inspired living.

The Answers are there! Come learn how to bring them to LIGHT!!

PlayDay A full day immersion

Back by popular demand!  An all-day PlayDay!


Join us to set new intentions and gain clarity in all our daily life choices through strengthening our connection to our inner compass, our intuition. Pamper your creative spirit as you replenish your body, mind and soul to improve and inspire your true self at our BAALL Playday Event. 

On-Line PlayShops An easy way to plug in and stay connected

This 6 week journey will help you 

Experience the BAALL Process regardless of where you live. This introductory 6 week journey will help you ignite your Purposeful Path, uncover and dismantle what side tracks you and learn what tools you have to ignite and live your fullest and brightest Purposeful Path. Set the year in motion with the steps for an empowered path.

Begin your journey; get clear on intentions, dismantle what holds you back, develop insight on the tough decisions, sharpen your intuition and step forward. Short Weekly videos to watch at your leisure with a weekly Support call.  

Group and Corporate Trainings

Are you looking to spark creativity in your group, empower your staff or have a unique and engaging team building experience? A BAALL Training can offer that and more! For more information Contact Us

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