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Class 6 The River


If you were to stumble across a river, what does the river look like? Are there rapids? What type of flow is there? Does it feel Scary? Peaceful? Mysterious?


“I believe in going with the flow. I don't believe in fighting against the flow. You ride on your river and you go with the tides and the flow. But it has to be your river, not someone else's. Everyone has their own river, and you don't need to swim,float,sail on their's, but you need to be in your own river and you need to go with it. And I don't believe in fighting the wind. You go and you fly with your wind. Let everyone else catch their own gusts of wind and let them fly with their own gusts of wind, and you go and you fly with yours.”  ― C. JoyBell C.

All About Rivers

Rivers can mean so many things. Yes, it is a body of water a vital resource. Our bodies are comprised of approximately 75% water. But let's explore beyond that...

River Play Activity

We have journeyed on our Purposeful Path and made it to our River. Our River is all about flow. Let's take a few minutes to think and reflect on where we find ourselves in relationship to our flow. If you happen to have a river, or stream, nearby this is a great exercise to take to a quiet spot along the waters edge. Enjoy!

River Physical Activity

Create physical flow within your body with this sequence of gentle movements.

River Outline

This is the place to find all of the juicy details in one spot....

Moving Forward

We hope you have found some insightful gems in your personal journey through these past 6 weeks.



Our intention for this course is to create the space for nourishment through self reflection, giving you tools to identify and strengthen your inner wisdom to follow your Purposeful Path.


We know that life presents distractions. What do you do when you round a corner and see a rock wall where you thought was a rolling hill, or a gust of wind blows dirt in your eyes or a cute little puppy dog takes your attention elsewhere? When you feel yourself getting off balance we hope that you refer back to B.A.A.L.L. and pause, take a moment to Breathe Ask Allow Listen and come from that place of Love.


We chose “Purposeful’ with the intention that we become more purposeful in listening to our internal wisdom as we pay attention and interpret the signals and signs that show up in our path. We look to be more present, that we are purposeful in the direction and choices we make to be authentic and true to our Big Bold Badass Selves!


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NOTE: This class will be available until March 17th so that you are able to continue utilizing these tools.