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Class 3 - Bridges


What do Bridges represent in your life?


Are they a way to traverse or cross over something, or is it a path for change, leaving a known for an unknown? Is it a transition, a helpful way to overcome something or a challenging barrier to navigate, shaky, elevated, with deep chasms below? Do they represent a unique connection of different worlds, thoughts, ideas that without the bridges would otherwise remain separated, with no chance of integration? Or perhaps they represent a connection with someone that may be solid, disconnected or in need of repair.


Bridges have different symbolisms and come in many forms in your life. Today we explore what bridges are in your path and what they mean for you.

"To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on that path requires courage . The bridge that merges the two is commitment."

- D r .  S t e v e  M a r a b o l i


If you want a write-up of ACTIVITY 1 before you start just click on the link below,





Then, grab your Journal, paper, colorful pencils & crayons and find a quiet space to settle in. The, we will begin with BAALL as we tap into our deep inner voice and wisdom. Let's go...


Bridging our lower and upper body through physical movement


Exercises to connect:


  • Hip Flexor- The muscle that connects our legs to our lungs, our movement forward with our breath, bridging our connection from earth to heaven

  • Obliques- Integrating our core, allowing us to flex and rotate through life

  • Lats (Back)- Connecting through fascia glutes and legs to arms


Are there Bridges that need to be built?


Let's explore this a little further and take an inventory of the tools we have, see if we have all of the tools we may need and what is missing that we may need to gather, develop, to move forward.


What do Bridges represent in your life?


Click on the link below to get all of the scoop.

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